Casa Suttana Domain

At the heart of this property there are 6 villas. 4 one-storey sheepfolds of which 2 for rental and 2 for sale. The project will also include 2 houses with one floor, destined to be sold. Each of the houses destined to be sold will also incorporate a private swimming pool, a terrace, a summer kitchen, gardens and completed interior. Here you will find charming villas from 72 m2 up to 123 m2.

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3D Maison Casa Suttana
House no.1- Casa Suttana
795 000 €
House area : 112 m²Field area : 1086 m²
House no.2- Casa Suttana
810 000 €
House no.3- Casa Suttana
590 000 €
House no.4- Casa Suttana
570 000 €