Our history

For the passion and love of a land, the story begins…

Child of the country and self-taught, Olivier gained experience in the masonry profession, restoring some sheepfolds. Alongside Sabine, with experience, the family construction business started in 1994.

Rapidly specialising in the development and renovation of individual houses of character. Subsequently many quality sites of renowned establishments were presented, renovations and new constructions developed about twenty to thirty years ago.

The domain of Murtoli*****, the Grand Hotel Cala Rossa*****, the discotheque Via Notte, the Domaine HotelLes Oliviers **** and different restaurants in the region of Porto-Vecchio. Then, most recently the Hotel Belvedere **** and its lounge restaurants and high-quality eating venue. 

A talented design team and passionate crafts and trades people.

Casa di Petra was founded in 2004 and since with the company BN has worked to build a harmonious landscape. Together they have a team of more than twenty people, old and young, sharing their established know-how. A team full of talent in design, and passionate crafts and trade skilled experts.  

All professions, all the talents are there to assist you throughout the purchase. Casa di Petra launched its farming activities in 2013. 

Bestowed with 25 years of house building experience, Casa di Petra has built exceptional real estate property since its conception. Three estates were built Casa di Petra 1 and 2  then Petra Pirellu. The Petra Suprana residence is partly built and partly sold. The Casa Suttana residence is under construction and almost complete. The Casa di Petra 3 project is currently being developed. 

Architects, Masons, Stone cutters, carpenters, joiners, painters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, decorators…Shepherd, Cheesemaker…


The privilege of simplicity, the luxury of the essential

There was the sea, the mountains, the valley, a village and forgotten fields
There was a landscape, an architectural heritage, and the memories of life from another period where the living was good. There was the will to live in our time, which was forgotten, to live in a place in fusion with nature. Its seasons, the maquis vegetation and its forests, its animals, its rock and its rich soils, itswaters and sea. 
We have brought together everything there, a preserved natural environment, vegetation, houses which are hidden, minerals, all surrounded by a re-established agriculture, animals, fusing the kingdoms for an authentic lifestyle.
More than an architectural project, a life project. 

Travel to the heart of the extreme south of Corsica, at 10km from Porto-Vecchio, far from the hustle and bustle, a few minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Palombaggia, with its white sand, umbrella pines and turquoise waters. In the surroundings of the small historical village of Piccovaggia, where the designers hale from, we see the creations of Casa di Petra some new hamlets, houses of home builders,  constructed in a traditional way by local trades people with ancestral know-how in working stone, wood, wrought iron…Three developments from where is born the marriage of great houses and farmhouses that we would call villages.

“More than ever, we see beneath our eyes the villages of bygone times” 

with their extra comfort. The buildings all in granite rock perfectly integrated into their natural environment, which accommodates them and gives them purpose!
A communion with the environment that lets them stand proud, discretely, as if they were always there, guardians of the tranquillity of nature’s legacy and old tradition.
“Local stones of astonishing dimensions, skilfully worked, shaped, and arranged in such a way to never move, resting on the hill, contrasting with the hilly landscape and variable relief.” Here, where the Mediterranean is everywhere, we are offered a way of living in harmony with the environment and island perspectives, as one of the overwhelming proofs of love and respect for a land. 

Casa di Petra, Petra Pirellu and Petra Suprana, have given birth to a way of living in fusion with their environment. Architecture, interior design, decorative furnishings, gardens, feed off the direct connection with these landscapes and what is offered all around, nature. A Corsica in its natural state, the properties built in typical Corsican architectural styles, bringing out a genuine village aurora.