The Casa di Petra

The farm lands surrounding the village of Piccovaggia return to their former uses

Close to nature and in complete harmony with its philosophy, 
Casa di Petra aligns each of these new hamlets to an agricultural activity.

At the goat farm, a herd of a hundred goats and at a bee farm, about twenty hives, punctuate the days. Herds which change locations by means of the transhumance, according to the seasons, on the various parcels reserved for agricultural within the Domains.

When Casa di Petra builds a hameau 40 to 70% of the land purchased is reserved for farming and open spaces, guaranteeing the protection of the island’s natural and cultural heritage.

Around the sheepfold, goats enjoy the green pastures, at the cheese dairy, the milk will produce a fine production of Brocciu, cheese and tomme, our traditions… The honey from the bees will be harvested and put into pots. In the garden a small vegetable plot and in the chicken coup fresh eggs are collected. The Casa di Petra farm sells its entire production directly as well to small local shops in Porto-Vecchio.

Valorisation of the territory and Corsican land,
a land of heritage.