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Casa di Petra
4, Rue Général de Gaulle
20538 Porto-Vecchio

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How to come ?

By airplane

The airport of Figari-sud Corse is situated at 27km from Porto-Vecchio

Daily flights from Paris, Marseille and Nice. In the summer season, new airlines open
connections with Avignon, Berne, Bordeaux, Brussels, Dijon, Geneva, London, Lille, Lyon,
Nantes, Paris CDG, Mulhouse, Quimper, Rouen, Rennes, Toulouse…

Information :

By boat

Porto-Vecchio has an international seaport

Daily maritime link from the mainland: Marseille, Toulon and Nice


Towns close by

143 km from Bastia
139 km from Ajaccio
27 km from Bonifacio
19 km from Figari
71 km from Aleria


The houses of Casa di Petra are situated in the village of Piccovaggia, in the south of Porto-Vecchio, served by the nearest airport of Figari and the port of Porto-Vecchio.

At the heart of the peninsula of Palombaggia, protected site and recognised as one of the most beautiful locations on the island, the small village of Piccovaggia. It is located just a few minutes away from Palombaggia, lined with umbrella pines, facing the Cerbicale islands (1.5km) and very close to the creek of Carataggia only accessible by foot.

In spring and summer open the doors of the village grocery store, meat counter and cheese shop along with restaurants and pizzerias within walking distance from the residences. The beaches, their beach cafes and restaurants are equally very pleasant.

Continuing along the seaside, the beach of Santa Giulia with its numerous nautical activities.

At around 7.5km, about ten minutes are enough to reach Porto-Vecchio, which offers all the
necessary commodities, a charming old town with its typical shops, renowned restaurants and beautiful boutiques. Further south is Bonifacio, the famous citadel and its limestone cliffs as faras the eye can see.

The region also boasts great walking, hiking, golf courses and the sea to the mountains…

It is a good compromise between the tranquillity of the paradisiacal extreme south and Porto-Vecchio’s dynamism.