Traditional housebuilding
&modern comfort 

A villa of charm with all the modern comforts. Casa di Petra designs and builds in keeping with traditional house concepts, local materials, fine and natural at the same time, alongside all the contemporary interior and exterior fittings. The Casa di Petra houses offer charm and comfortable living to their homeowners. 

A team at your service

A company on a human scale,
Casa di Petra has a team of 25 employees.

On our building sites and in our workshops, masons, stone cutters, carpenters, joiners, gardeners, electricians, plumbers, decorators. In our agency in the centre of Porto-Vecchio, architects, decorators and collaborators. 

We thus remain very reactive and close to our clients, from the beginning of your project through the building process and to the completion. 
We equally assure various post sale services, garden maintenance contracts notably as well as any maintenance work.

Casa di Petra equally accompanies its clients in their new requests: extension, modification, additional construction… 


Our different Domains  as well as workshops (storage, woodworks, cheese dairy) are specifically concentrated along the peninsula of Palombaggia. Our developments and projects are driven by some key guiding principles: respecting the landscape, giving back what it offers, conservation and integration, merging and reusing materials which are in the environment.
More recently, our collaboration with Mr. Rogliano, horticulture producer specialised in the cultivation of aromatic and wild plants of Corsica (brand Corsica Grana) enables us to further vary even more our landscaping services by way of creations such as immortelle carpets, arba santa, nepita…

Increasingly rooted in the preservation of our natural heritage…

Harmonious integration into the landscape and environment is paramount for us

The latter is returned to the original state once the site is completed. The materials used are in the most part local, the walls are built in stone extracted from the land and shaped at the same location. Natural materials (stone, wood, travertine, terracotta, clay brick, lime…) for the construction as well as local vegetation in the gardens.

This existing vegetation present on the land (olive trees, mastic trees, myrtle, heather, arbousier trees…) is partially removed before the beginning of the work to be replanted in the gardens of the properties. The other part, mainly Cypress and Juniper is used for exterior Pergola frames. The chestnut and laricio Pine woods come from Corsican forests. Other materials and specific pieces come from demolitions; we give a second life to terracotta and old tiles, wooden beams, stone fireplaces…

Our craftspeople

Casa di Petra promotes craftmanship

Our craftsmen wood workers, stone cutters, work in collaboration with ferronniers or with professionals in lime wash painting, etc. Thus, each work remains unique and made to measure. Exceptional living spaces or works of arts of which the hand of the crafter gives a soul. Pergolas, railings, gates, doors, windows and shutters, interior cupboards, fitted kitchens, garden furniture, solid wood tables, etc.

Our other constructions

Renovation or creation of establishments...

Our teams create architectures, ambiances or unique pieces. The traditional techniques of our artisans are consistent also with all the modern fabrication techniques required to service an exceptional project. Do you have a project, desire for a particular piece of furniture or simply a taste for beautiful things, we will breathe life into your ideas.